Sardinia is quite a lively place and many are the occasions to get acquainted with tradition both with its cuisine – a feast of ritual breads and pastry – and during one of the hundreds of country festivals held around the island to celebrate a saint.

A thousand years of traditions
A different way to travel. A new, environmental-friendly approach to holidays has developed in an unspoilt environment, with an eye to tradition and a constant integration of shapes, materials, and symbols of the past, to offer visitors a real Sardinian experience.

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Costume tradizionale Sardo
Settimana Santa a Cagliari

The devotion of a people: the rites of the holy week
The most important religious celebration of the year for the Sardinians is without any doubt Easter. Deeply moving rites, handed down from the 16th century by several different Arch-confraternities are held during Holy Week, in the quarter of Villanova. The religious celebrations start on Tuesday but reach their culmination on Good Friday with the Procession of the Dead Christ and that of the Mysteries, which stop at seven churches of the city centre. They continue on Easter Saturday with S’iscravamentu, the deposition of Christ from the Cross, until the long awaited Incontru of Easter Sunday, the Meeting of the Resurrected Christ and the Virgin Mary.

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Since 1657, Cagliari is bound to its patron Saint by a vow. In that year it was decided to celebrate Ephisius, a Christian martyr, after he saved the city from a terrible plague. He is commemorated on May 1st , with a four-day solemn procession.
Every Sardinian town and village takes part in the parade, a colorful and magnificent display of faith and culture, an endless sequence of carts, knights, men and women in traditional costumes, united under the same devotion transmitted by generations of congregations and pilgrims.

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Sa Ramadura - Festa di Sant'Efisio
Magical atmospheres, moments full of emotions and romantic sacredness …