Located on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, Costa Rei, with its granite sands, is a part of the Sarrabus, a territory encompassing the villages of Castiadas,Muravera, San Vito and Villaputzu. The area boasts a wild, unspoilt environment with forty kilometers of long and multi-colored beaches interspersed with small coves, the luxuriant Sette Fratelli and Baccu Arroda forests rich in Mediterranean scrub, marshes and lagoons, home to the oases of Feraxi, Colostrai, Torre Salinas, Gibbas and Murtas. The ideal place for active holidays as well as for those looking for a relaxing stay.

Ancient gestures, ancient signs
Craftmaship as well as food and wine preserve a memory rooted in the genuineness of a territory expressed by the excellence of its products. Small workshops still create Launeddas – old wind instruments- , textile ateliers turn lace, linen, silk and cotton fabrics into tapestry and rugs, artisans shape clay into art objects, basket makers produce baskets in many shapes by weaving slender canes. Thanks to its unspoiled surroundings, Costa Rey offers simple and genuine local products such as goat and sheep cheese, ricotta, meat, fish and bottarga, almonds, honey, citrus fruits, wines, myrtle liqueurs, olive oil and much more, all it takes to prepare a lavish feast of fragrances and flavors.

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Vassoio di cibo tipico della Sardegna
Sagra delle Arance a Muravera

Ancient, magical charmAncient and mysterious: the history of the south-eastern coast of Sardinia speaks through its monuments and archaeological sites. The prenuraghic period lends its voice to the dolmens and the menhirs of Piscina Rei and Cuili Piras, but also to the Domus de Janas of Monte Nai and San Vito. The nuraghic era is highly represented by the several nuraghes dotting the areas of S’Aqua Seccis, Scalas and Arosu, and by the sacred well of Funtana Coperta. Examples of medieval art are clearly visible in the ruins of the Quirra Castle and in the Church of San Nicola in Villaputzu. The mines of Monte Narba, an interesting area of industrial archaeology dating back to the 18th century, are certainly worth a visit.

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