The city, set like a jewel in the Golfo degli Angeli, is open to the sea and clings to its sandstone hills. The history of past civilizations is still tangible around the tiny streets and in the alleys of the old town, where the signs of ancient times are still lingering. But Cagliari is also a modern city, open, multiethnical and lively, full of enchantments and breathtaking views, after many centuries, still a cultural crossway in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

How to get there
Favored by its connections with the main Italian ports and both national and international airports, Cagliari offers visitors a vast variety of monuments, museums, natural parks, cultural events and festivals for all tastes. All the main tourist venues in the surroundings can be reached in an hour or less.

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Panoramica di Cagliari

Discovering by walking
The medieval area of the Castello, surrounded by XIVth century walls and military towers commands the Marina, a real multiethnical village facing the port, Stampace with its Roman monuments and ruins as well as Villanova, rich in churches and religious traditions. The whole city is a step-by-step discovery.

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Nightlife & shopping
As the night falls the rhythm of the city comes to a slowdown, as colors and atmospheres go changing. An aperitif at sunset on a belvedere can be as unforgettable as a twilight shopping spree or an open-air concert performed in a fascinating historical venue.

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Panorama di Cagliari
Nightlife Cagliari

Jazz, literary cafes and great operatic performances: nightlife in Cagliari has something for everyone.
The mild climate of Southern Sardinia means that Cagliari is a pleasant versatile city, to be enjoyed both by dday and by night, throughout the year. The tranquil rhythms of its lifestyle, the intellectual vivacity of its inhabitants and the many-faceted experiences on offer all go to mark Cagliari’s nightlife. An evening spent along the seashore, at Poetto beach, in one of the many bars and restaurants offering live entertainment; or in one of the literary cafés, in the heart of the old city, for the presentation of an author or the reading of extracts from the latest crime novel set in the city; or yet again a visit to one of the more exclusive pubs to savour an evening of stylish jazz. Music lovers and ballet buffs will be enchanted by the events staged at the Cagliari Opera House, with its year-round symphony and chamber music concerts and ballet. Atruly varied offer, cultured and appealing, meeting the needs of all those who enjoy living the city by night too.

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An exciting and colorful city, to discover everyday of the year