Far from the madding crowd and voracious gossip columnists, Southern Sardinia well deserves a trip to be savoured in all its many facets, offering a variety of sceneries. Srone monuments, sentinels over immense open spaces, built in the Bronze Age and still today testimonials of a daring architectural technique, Phoenician ports, which subsequently became true cities under the rule of the Carthaginians and Romans today in part submerged but still well able to tell the tale of millennia of history. This island- mysterious and remote- both taciturn and hospitable- is ready to reveal its secrets to all those ready to learn to love it.

Barumini, su nuraxi: photograph of a distant time

When we speak of megalithic architecture referring to the huge stone constructions of the Nuraghic era, what always comes to mind is the powerful symbol which by good reason is know quite simply as Su Nuraxi, the nuraghe par excellence. Consisting of a main tower or keep and four lateral towers facing the four cardinal points, it is the only one which has preserved extant its surrouning village, consisting of some 200huts. As a result of its stately grandeur and importance, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Su Nuraxi - Barumini
South Sardinia, where every trip becomes an experience full of fascinating and unforgettable emotions

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