Let us be the ones to introduce you to this ancient Island, appealing and mysterious, indeed, some even identify it with legendary Atlantis. But Sardinia is also vibrant, modern, a dynamic hub for new technologies.

Southern Sardinia, every season is the right one.
If you feel drawn to Sardinia and above all the south of the island, visit it now. Cagliari and its whole province will charm you with the beauty of its coasts and extensive nature reserves, its historic buildings and the genuine traditions, the heritage not only of its great gastronomic tradition but also of its many ancient rites and feast days. Our service offer means that all visitors can travel without hassle of any kind, thanks to a network of connections with the main Italian and International destinations, but also thanks to the excellent price-quality ratio of the accomodation facilities on the territory.

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Cartina Sud Sardegna
Spiaggia di Villasimius

Everything you wouldn’t expect is just waiting to be found here
Stretches of fine white sand and an emerald green sea- these are the usual images of a Sardinia which perhaps is not yet fully able to showcase its inestimable treasures to the best effect. Yet the discerning visitor will surely not neglect the lagoon and wetland areas surrounding Caglliari, important nesting grounds ensuring the survival of many aquatic bird species, or the stretches of forests and woods garbing the Monti dei Sette Fratelli or Is Cannoneris, protected oases for reproduction of the Sardinian fallow deer but also nature’s own plant nurseries with their wild orchids, many endemic species and rare trees. Yet again, the karst caves such as Is Zuddas at Santadì noted for their clusters or aragonite defined as being amongst the most beautiful in Europe; marine parks where coral growths and gorgonian abound, home to shoals of many-coloured fish; desert areas with systems of “living” dunes modelled by the ever present winds which mould and alter their shape continuously.

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Exciting and unique, Southern Sardinia knows how to enchant and engage, leaving memories and images never taken for granted.